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Why Us

Beyond that, we are a team bound by an unwavering commitment to embrace changing times and stay true to our core values. We help put the focus back on yourself and the people who matter.

Why Choose CNRST?

You are not just a number to us. We value the relationship that we will build with you.

As your independent, single point-of-contact Financial Architect, we will connect you to a suite of solutions, customised to your areas of focus, from insurance solutions to wealth management, corporate risk management to investment opportunities.

We will help you navigate the world of insurance solutions and lay a solid foundation to future-proof your personal or corporate undertakings.

Our Corporate Clients

Being an industry champion, we have the trust of businesses of all sizes across various industries:

Banking & Finance


Chemical, Oil & Gas

Charities & NGOs

Leisure & Hospitality

Medical & Dental


Infocom & Tech

Here’s what our clients have to say

The greatest reward for what we do is knowing that our counsel, guidance and solutions have impacted our clients positively. Here’s a small sample of what can be shared with you.